Florida’s move wasn’t in the area of health insurance. It was property insurance. The state’s property-insurance arm originally had above-market rates, but later it began competing directly with private insurance companies in the sunshine state for Florida Home Insurance.
Now it handles a sizeable portion of the home insurance market, but lacks the financial backup to handle a bad hurricane. In other words, the taxpayers are on the hook.
This is exactly what will happen if Congress passes a public option — even one that initially offers above-market, non-competitive rates. With that vehicle in place, Democrats will exert constant pressure to force public-option rates down, and soon it will begin to rapidly displace many of the private-sector operators, setting the nation on the road to single-payer health care.

Many Floridians cannot afford to own homes because of the high cost of florida home insurance rates  and the public option is not any better.  Governments should not get involved in the insurance industry, they have enough problems running the government than to get involved in private sector matters.