Top 5 Mistakes Americans Make When in a Car Accident

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cant_park_there_wreckWe put together the top 5 claim reporting tips/mistakes made by American drivers. In case you are involved in an accident you need to avoid these mistakes to ensure your claim gets paid!

Tip # 1: DO NOT leave the scene of the accident.

My friend did this once after wrecking a BMW M5 300 yards from his house. He went to drop off his brother and father who were in the car with. Came back to the scene 15 mins after the crash and had Cops all over him ready to arrest him. Leaving the scene is also an offense and you will get a separate citation.

Tip # 2: Call the Police immediately.

DO NOT wait til you get home, to report the accident. However if it is a small fender bender and you can work it out without Police or Insurance you should opt for that all together.

Tip # 3: DO NOT admit fault.

DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone except the police and your claims representative. This will only hurt you and could cause confrontation with the other parties.

Tip # 4: Exchange Information with the other drivers.

- Name , address, drivers license numbers, and phone numbers of other drivers and witnesses.

- Year, Make , Model, and license plate number of all cars involved.

- Name of Insurance Company and policy # for other drivers involved.

Tip # 5: DO NOT forget to call your insurance company.

Claims Department to report the accident. Your 24 hour claims reporting phone number is listed on the back of your insurance ID Cards.  Remember, most carriers only allow you up to one year from the time of your accident to report a claim.  However, you need to report the claim as soon as possible. If fault has not been decided or is not clear discuss this with your insurance company, as they can help figure it out. Don’t assume the other party is taking the blame.

Anyone have good accident stories to leave in the comments?

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